About the Customer

ARPA infinity Limited is a professional IT company that provides comprehensive and professional IT services, including Digital IT Solution, Mobile Solution and Maintenance Support, across different industries.

Why AWS?

AWS is the leading public cloud provider with a strong network of expertise and newest technology support. AWS has many case reference for enterprise and SMB hosting a Static Website, security regulation and touted cost optimization over the competition.

Choosing a Trusted Vendor

ASF demonstrated our keen understanding of AWS and our solid skillsets with the cloud migration. We clearly understand the challenges faced by ARPA infinity Limited.

Partner Solution

In consultation with the client, we demonstrated the stability and reliability of public cloud providers and reassured ARPA on the cost efficiencies, security, and minimal IT administration necessary. We designed a new cloud architecture for ARPA. We decided to use Amazon S3 and Amazon Lightsail. It allows ARPA to build and manage their WordPress Website on the AWS Infrastructure. Further, Amazon S3 provides the origin for ARPA’s website as well as storage for their static. Proper scheduling and tight project management were enforced to meet customer expectations and minimize downtime to their website.


The project was successfully completed both in a timely and professionally.