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About the Customer

Luxon Lighting Technology Limited (“Luxon”) and the VC Group have served the electronics & lighting industry since 1989.  They designed manufactured products including wireless control systems, smart lamps, architectural luminaries, and commercial light engines.

Why AWS?

With AWS, Luxon can leverage the latest Cloud technologies to experiment and product development more quickly.

Choosing a Trusted Vendor

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, our AWS certified Architects, Consultants and engineers create new value for Luxon. We deeply understand the challenges faced by Luxon.

Partner Solution

Luxon used AWS Elastic Computer Cloud, Lambda, Relational Database Service, Route 53, and IoT services to synchronize real-time data from air fresher to their application platform. The IoT core triggered the Lambda to synchronize the real-time data including device ID, template, humidity, fan speed …etc. through Route 53. The application extracted the said data from S3.


Luxon’s customers can monitor their air fresher with real-time data via the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment.