About the Customer

Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Limited was established in 1959 is committed to the HK Community and has served as one of the leading retail groups offering Chinese and other quality products. Its goal is to supply consumers with a diversified range of Chinese products and other brand names with stringent standards of quality and affordability. A retail group with expansion into Travel Essentials concept stores and other chains of specialty stores across HK; Yue Hwa strives to keep abreast of consumer tastes and sourcing the best quality Chinese products available, serving customers locally, regionally, and globally.

Why AWS?

Yue Hwa did not initially have a preference for any cloud vendor. They have had some experience with another cloud provider and were of the opinion that it made sense to not have a front-facing application with a backend system on the same cloud. They have heard of AWS extensive reach of cloud services and were curious to the breadth and depth of services that may be possible to help solve their challenges. Further, they have a strong image of AWS strength and capabilities and are well known for being a clear cloud provider leader in the world.

Choosing a Trusted Vendor

Yue Hwa approached their trusted vendor ASF Consultancy Limited – a cloud professional services company. ASF is uniquely positioned with in-house expertise in the latest mobile application development

Partner Solution

In our consultation and discovery process, we understood Yue Hwa’s needs and challenges. We decided on an AWS serverless architecture with a DevOps rollout on the mobile application development. The AWS Lambda serverless architecture with API to be called on the ERP system hosted on another Cloud Provider; yet able to scale as needed to handle the spiky traffic nature of the mobile application. Integrating the application to the ERP system is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction in recording their purchase earned loyalty points as well as pushing the relevant promotions and updates to the profile of the customer. Further, ASF designed a Wireframe and Prototype Design application supporting both Android and IOS. Able to access the AWS hosted application through a network integration across multi-cloud with an enhanced security on the application. The CI/CD solution was adopted to ensure the fast deployment required by the customer and further enhance their in-house tech capabilities as their first DevOps project.


Yue Hwa’s new mobile application was successfully launched in October 2019 and well received by their members. The CI/CD deployment enhanced the speed to market as well as the capabilities of the team involved. The low operational costs during the rest periods due to the AWS Lambda Serverless Architecture fit perfectly to Yue Hwa’s management directive. With the enhancement of the application security, it rests the minds of the Yue Hwa team.